Protecting the Unborn

Protecting the Unborn

“[Bob Corker] has not only voted for life, he has led on the pro-life issue…That is the kind of leadership Tennessee Right to Life and the state's pro-life movement are looking for."

- Brian Harris
President of Tennessee Right to Life
Knoxville News Sentinel
October 28, 2007

Senator Bob Corker is a strong advocate for the protection of life. He believes life begins at the moment of conception and will vote to protect the lives of unborn children.

Supports Adult Stem Cell Research: Senator Corker supports all forms of stem cell research except those that destroy human life. Recently, the senator voted for The Hope Act. This bill expanded funding for research that would not harm human embryos but would expand adult stem cell research to methods that have potential of producing the same results as embryonic stem cell research. Additionally, the senator opposed a bill that would have provided funding for expanded embryonic stem cell research.

Prohibiting Federal Funding of Abortion: Senator Corker voted for an amendment prohibiting any grant funding of organizations that perform abortions.

Providing Health Care to Unborn Children: Senator Corker supported a measure that allowed states under the State Children’s Health Insurance Program to provide health care to an “unborn child.”

Prohibiting Federal Funding of Organizations that Support Coercive Abortions: Senator Corker cosponsored a measure prohibiting federal funds to be provided to programs in foreign governments that support coercive abortions.

Prohibiting the Promotion of Abortion as a Method of Family Planning: Senator Corker cosponsored a measure prohibiting federal funds from going to programs in foreign countries that promote abortion.

Prohibiting Human Cloning: Original cosponsor of S.1036, the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2007. This bill would provide civil and criminal penalties for any person who knowingly performs or attempts to perform human cloning, participates in human cloning, or receives an embryo or product that is a product of human cloning.

Requiring Ultrasound Informed Consent: Senator Corker cosponsored a measure that would require a physician, prior to performing an abortion, to perform an ultrasound. This legislation would allow the woman to have the option to view the ultrasound and receive the results prior to receiving an abortion.

Prohibiting Human-Animal Hybrid Cloning: Original cosponsor of a bill to prohibit the combination of human and animal DNA and genetic matter to be used in scientific research.

Supporting an Increase in Funding to Prohibit Minors From Being Taken Across State Lines for an Abortion: Senator Corker voted in favor of an amendment to increase funding for the vigorous enforcement of a prohibition against taking minors across state lines for an abortion without parental consent.

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