March 2018
Date Title
3/15/18 Corker Statement on Senate Passage of Financial Regulatory Reform Legislation
3/15/18 Corker Applauds U.S. Sanctions Against Russia
3/14/18 Corker Discusses Pompeo Nomination, Deterring Russian Aggression on Fox News
3/14/18 Corker Applauds FedEx Memphis Hub Announcement
3/14/18 Corker Praises Senate Passage of Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act of 2018
3/14/18 Corker, Coons Introduce Food for Peace Modernization Act of 2018
3/14/18 Corker Discusses Pompeo Nomination, Sanctuary Cities, Tax Reform With Laura Ingraham on Fox News
3/13/18 Corker Statement on Nomination of Mike Pompeo
3/12/18 Hatch, Alexander, Corker to Nashville Songwriters: We’re Working to Give You the Fair Pay You’ve Earned
3/8/18 Corker Offers Technical Correction Amendment to Clarify Section 402 of Banking Legislation Files
3/8/18 Corker Statement on Administration Tariff Announcement
3/8/18 Corker Statement on North Korea
3/7/18 Corker: If Pentagon Can ‘Turn Entire Countries Into Craters’ Why Can’t It Audit Itself?
3/7/18 Corker Joins Alexander, Colleagues to Introduce School Safety Legislation
3/6/18 Corker Urges Passage of Financial Regulatory Reform Legislation
3/6/18 ICYMI: Corker on Taylor Force Act: ‘I Think It Will Become Law Soon’
3/1/18 Senate Passes Resolution to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike
3/1/18 Corker Applauds DENSO Jobs Announcement
3/1/18 Federal Reserve Chair Believes Tax Reform ‘Will Add Meaningfully to Growth’
February 2018
Date Title
2/27/18 Corker, Coons Introduce Bill to Modernize U.S. Approach to Development Finance
2/23/18 Corker Statement on U.S. Sanctions Against North Korea
2/22/18 Blog Post: The Moment I Decided to Make the Fight to End Modern Slavery A Priority
2/22/18 Corker Participates in Sixth Annual ‘Shine a Light on Slavery’ Day
2/22/18 Corker, Davenport, University of Tennessee Students Participate in ‘Shine a Light on Slavery’ Day
2/21/18 Corker, Colleagues Urge Support of US-Canada-Mexico United Bid for 2026 FIFA World Cup