Help with a Federal Agency

Senator Corker’s office takes great pride in being able to help Tennesseans resolve issues involving federal agencies. Representatives in each of our six state offices are trained to help with questions and concerns you may have.

In order for our office to assist you with casework, you must:

1. Be a resident of Tennessee
2. Have an issue involving a federal agency

If you meet these criteria, we need you to complete a privacy release form. Because of the Privacy Act of 1974, federal agencies/departments cannot release information on an individual nor discuss an individual without their written consent.

After you complete the privacy release form, please sign and mail the document to the Corker state office in your area.

Once our office receives your written consent, we can contact the appropriate federal agency on your behalf. Casework does not produce immediate results and we cannot force a federal agency to comply with our request or overturn a final decision.

For issues you may have with agencies or programs that fall under the jurisdiction of the state of Tennessee, please contact your state legislator. Find your legislator here.

We are happy to help you in any way we can; however, it may be helpful for you to contact the agency you are having trouble with directly:

For more federal agencies and general assistance with the federal government, visit USA.GOV.