Fighting Crime

Fighting Crime

“As Mayor of Chattanooga, I worked with local law enforcement and we cut violent crime by 51 percent, and that didn't happen by luck. We cut violent crime in Chattanooga through teamwork, better management, and focusing on criminals who use guns. Our success occurred because of hard work and strategic action."- U.S. Senator Bob Corker

Senator Bob Corker believes in tough law enforcement, severe penalties for those who commit crime, and continued funding for law enforcement programs making a difference in our communities.

Supports Measures to Reduce Gun Related Crime. Senator Corker supports “Project Safe Neighborhood,” a federal program that provides support to local officials in combating gun-related crimes and eases the ability of federal prosecutors to put violent criminals behind bars. As mayor of Chattanooga, Senator Corker was able to utilize this program to take guns off the street. Senator Corker believes in stopping gun-related crime by going after the criminals, not by taking guns from law-abiding citizens.

Supports Measures to Keep Our Schools Safe and Drug Free. Senator Corker supports “Safe and Drug Free Schools,” this is a federal program that provides support to state governments to enhance safety and keep drugs out of our schools.

Supports Local Law Enforcement Officials Assisting in the Fight Against Illegal Immigration. Senator Corker supports a federal program that effectively deputizes approved local law enforcement officers to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement in its effort to locate and deport illegal immigrants from our nation’s cities and towns.

Supports Strong Community/Police Relationships. Senator Corker supported a measure that would provide continued funding for the “COPS” Program. This program puts law enforcement professionals on the streets and assigns them a beat, so they can build relationships with the people they serve. In turn, the relationship between the community and police foster greater community involvement in law enforcement and, ultimately, safer neighborhoods.

Supports Aggressive Pursuit and Prosecution of People who Exploit Children and Engage in Child Exploitation and Child Pornography. Senator Corker cosponsored the Protect Our Children Act, which became law on October 13, 2008. This act provides significant assistance to our nation’s law enforcement community combat child exploitation and pornography. Senator Corker also voted in support of an amendment that would provide continued funding to “Project Safe Childhood.” This is a program that works to prevent Internet and technology based exploitation of children.

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