Feb 09 2011

Committee Assignments Leave Corker Well Positioned to Address Nation’s Foremost Challenges

Corker Retains Positions on Aging, Banking, Energy, and Foreign Relations Committees

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., today announced his committee assignments for the 112th Congress. Corker retains his positions on the Banking, Energy, and Foreign Relations Committees and remains the ranking member, or lead Republican, of the Special Committee on Aging.

“The greatest near to mid-term challenges facing America today are the economy, out-of-control federal spending, energy security and the threat posed by terrorism and extremism abroad. By retaining my committee assignments, I’m well positioned to exert influence in these critical areas and help keep our state and country safe, solvent and competitive,” Corker said.

For more information about the committees on which Corker serves, visit:


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