WASHINGTON – In an interview on Fox News this morning, Republican political consultant and policy advisor Karl Rove dispelled a number of myths about the Hoeven-Corker border security amendment.

“First of all, there will never be enough time for some members. This amendment from Senators Corker of Tennessee and Hoeven of North Dakota is 119 pages. It’s been laid out since Friday. It’s relatively easy to read. It’s part of the larger bill that’s been laid out since May, so there’s plenty of time for people to read it,” said Rove.

He went on to lay out the amendment’s five tangible, concrete triggers, saying: “The Hoeven-Corker amendment essentially has five provisions: 20,000 more border patrol. There are roughly 21,000 today. $4.5 billion additional for border security measures. A guarantee of 700 miles of pedestrian fence along the border. We now have 350. And then, it requires an implementation of an entry-exit system for visas. Right now, about 40% of people who get a visa to come to the United States overstay it. This is a system that will allow us to know when they come in, where they go out, and where they are. And finally, full implementation of what is called e-verify. That is to say before you can get hired for any job in America you have to demonstrate you’re a U.S. citizen.”

Responding to misleading media reports that the Hoeven-Corker amendment grants instant amnesty, Rove said: “[Reports] turned out simply not to be true. Instead, it was a very narrow provision that said if you are from one of nine countries that get what’s called Temporary Protective Status, because of war or conflict inside your country, and you’ve been employed for ten years, the last ten years, you can… get in line to become a citizen, ultimately at the back of the line.”

To read a complete myth vs. fact sheet on the Hoeven-Corker amendment, click here.

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